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3 Dont’s and a Do

From embarrassing to law breaking – Here are 3 no-no’s from “back in the day”

  1. Don’t cheer for the Yankees while standing on a sidewalk in Brooklyn during the 1955 World Series

Reason: In the 1955 World Series, the Brooklyn Dodgers played the Yankees, their cross-town rivals. The Bronx Bombers fell to the Dodgers, who won their first and only World Series while playing in Brooklyn

  1. Never be caught dancing in Michigan in 1940 as the National Anthem is played.

Reason: According to author Harvey Silvergate and official documents from the state of Michigan, dancing during the playing of the National Anthem would have been a misdemeanor in 1940.  Technically, it remained so until the law’s repeal on March 14, 2016.

  1. Do not be heard saying, “I don’t really like pizza,” in the hugely popular pizzeria of predominantly Italian neighborhood in New York in 1979.

Reason:  I was hanging out with a group of friends at Pizza Town, in my hometown.  After about 15 orders of “plain” or “pepperoni”, which were the only two choices available back in the day, the man behind the counter asked what kind of pizza I liked.  I kindly explained that I didn’t really like pizza and asked what else I might order.

Like a needle screeching across a record, the music of many voices suddenly stopped.  I felt like the stares of the world fell on me as my face reddened.  Louis loudly announced that not liking pizza was un-American.  Clearly, I was scarred for life.

I am pleased to report that the while I am not a conventional “plain or pepperoni” pizza lover, the advent of “supreme” pizzas with yummy toppings like Chicken Bacon Ranch, Spinach and Barbeque  have helped change my tune.  In fact, I might just find a spot on Salem Street and practice those parallel parking skills because today is National Pizza Day and I might head to Anna’s, where my husband found a connection.

Several years ago, a new pizzeria opened on Salem Street.  The town was abuzz as the building was painted and the interior made ready.  On opening weekend, with a mouth full of fried zeppoli (yum!), my husband tugs my arm and wants to introduce me to someone.  That someone was the owner of Anna’s, Yuri.  It seemed Matt had recognized the man because he owned the shop Matt often ate lunch in, back in NY, ten years before!

And so, friends, today is a great day to:
1.  Enjoy a slice of pizza today, on National Pizza Day.

The plain or pepperoni, only, of 1979?!?  My goodness, that’s akin to walking both ways uphill to school in a foot of snow with no boots!

Lucky for today’s teens, there are all sorts of types, from Meat Lovers to Vegan.  From semolina flour dough to gluten free. Whether you’re in your teens or your “never-mind” years, it’s a great for a slice or two.  But be warned, many find it hard to walk through town without running into an old friend, or making a new one.  Apex is like that.

Kim Minafo



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Stop and drop a line

According to, today is dedicated to sending cards to those we may not have connected with recently.  You don’t need fancy linen paper or even a pen that works.  It doesn’t matter if you write in crayon on the back of your Town of Apex electric bill; just stop your busy life for 5 minutes to show someone they are special to you.

If you prefer more traditional greetings there are plenty of places around town to find Hallmark cards, including Lynn’s Hallmark, Lowe’s Foods and WalGreen’s, but for options that are far from ordinary, you’ll definitely want to head Downtown Apex to the shops on Salem Street. You’ll find funny, funky, fashionable and even old-fashioned greetings, plus many handmade or locally printed options.

I hope you make time to stop and drop someone a line.  I promise it will mean a lot… to both of you.


Kim Minafo


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Crossed in the Mail

Yesterday morning, a friend forwarded something to my “in” box that at made me laugh.

Of course, the humor (or lack thereof) surely depends on the perspective. I doubt, for example, I would have found the ad amusing had I been the realtor who had placed it.  It’s equally unlikely that the copyeditor responsible for proofreading prior to press was tickled.

By afternoon, I was grateful my mailman did not have CCTV on the truck, or he would have had something funny to forward to his friends.  This so-glad-it-wasn’t-filmed video would have featured me, at curbside, being handed my mail.  As I look down at what I’ve been given, the camera closes in on a clearly delighted face.  I tap on the top piece of mail as my eyebrows rise. My eyes light up and my mouth forms a little “o”.  Then, without warning, I reach up and tap the mailman’s arm (perhaps a wee bit too enthusiastically) and say, “Look! These are my friends!”

My mailman indulgently nods, though he has a somewhat bewildered look on his face as he quickly pulls away from the curb.

When the camera pans down, it appears I pointed to a group of chairs featured in a furniture store ad as I told the mailman to look at my “friends.”

I am glad the scene isn’t trending on some Facebook foolery page, but I am sorry the mailman didn’t know the card I really was referring to had fallen to the ground.

These are my friends, Tonya and Mike Proctor. It was so fun to receive this mailing and realize how proud I am of Mike and Tonya, as well as their Home Team Realty Team.


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3 Things Pooh Learns from a Blustery Day

Today’s weather allows me to use one of my favorite words, for it’s a blustery day. When I hear the word, I can almost hear Sterling Halloway’s voice narrate the story of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.
Now, Pooh’s blustery day happens on a Wednesday and this happens to be a Tuesday, but it’s a fun little story for any day. If you’re not familiar with the tale, it follows the adventures of Pooh as he blows from one adventure to the next. As a blustery day turns into a blustery night that leads into a stormy day, Pooh learns several things.

1. Tiggers are wonderful, bouncy things that are not fond of honey. In fact, they downright dislike the “icky sticky stuff.” This means there is no risk of Tigger eating all the honey sticks you buy on National Honey Day at the State Farmer’s Market.
2. Eeyore would never make a good Apex realtor because he cuts some corners between “I’ll find you a new home,” and “Here you are, move in.” He skips the offers, the contracts, the inspection, and the closing! Eeyore sends Owl right into his new home, even though the previous owner had not yet moved out! (Poor precious, patient Piglet!)
3. Tigger might be the first to introduce would later become text-talk when he bids Pooh farewell by saying TTFN to Pooh.

And that, friends, is my cue…

Ta-ta for now,


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The snowflakes stayed!

Yesterday, I wrote that snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes were among my favorite things.  Well, those snowflakes sure stayed.  With 5-7″ of snow on the ground here is southwest Wake County and nearby Chapel Hill and even higher amounts Durham, I have added “gleeful squeals of schoolkids on a snowday” to my list of favorites.  Since school has been cancelled toay and is questionable for tomorrow, most kids are nearly euphoric.  By Friday, some parents might want to add “bring kids to the bus stop” to a list of faves, but few can object to the enchanting atmosphere they woke up to today.

Mother Nature’s warmth will help melt the snow over the weekend, with temperatures in the 50’s, allowing folks to once again enjoy the Greenways, parks and sidewalk window shopping on Salem Street.

For now, Mike, Tonya, Sue and Joy from Triangle Home Team Realty hope you enjoy this glorious winter wonderland.  Be safe.


-Written by Kim Minafo


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Snowflakes that stay on…

… my nose and eyelashes.

This line comes from “My Favorite Things”, a song featured in the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music. Whether you prefer the original,  sung by Julie Andrews, or the recent Kelly Clarkson version, the song is a classic.

What are your favorite things about today? Your list might be quickly jotten down as a flurry of thoughts fill your mind, or you might dig deeper and give the matter much consideration.

Perhaps you were tickled by the lopsided snowman visible from your front window.  Maybe you are greatful for the gloved hand that holds yours as you walk in the snow. If you got to leave work early, you might be glad that do you did not have to drive in the worst of the weather, or grateful for a few hours to yourself.  Are you a northerner, “transplanted” to the south? You might be thanking your lucky stars that you no longer have to pay crazy plowing fees, or spend a whole day digging out.

When it comes to living in Apex, NC, I’m glad to be living on a cul-de-sac with great neighbors. I’m glad I can garden nearly all year.  I appreciate the reasonable pace of living.  While I enjoy a snow day here and there, I love our warm climate ever more.  It’s great to be able to be out and about almost all the year and I love that my husband and son can golf all year round.

If each of us could rewrite “My Favorite Things” to highlight our favorite things about Apex, Wake County, and the RTP area, what might the lyrics celebrate?



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Drops of Gratitude

Sometimes a drop of gratitude can lead to a stream or even to a deep, wide sea. Such was the story at my house this morning.

I woke an hour before the alarm and despite the best efforts of some wonderfully cooperative sheep, I could not fall back asleep. Certain my toes would fall off in the face of the frigid morning (22 degrees!), I grumbled my way downstairs to the kitchen. With kettle in place, I “tapped” on the faucet and found myself suddenly grateful. I was first thankful for the faucet itself, which turns on with a touch. This led to my being thankful my husband who installed this for me. Last year, a gift from my friend Kelly allowed us to replace our leaky faucet; I smiled at the thought of her. Picturing the sale cart at Lowe’s on which we found the faucet let my mind wander through the electric door that separates the kitchen department from the garden, where I imagined Brooke in her red apron, watering flowers (pansies?).

This led me to give thanks for Brooke, a gal that has been a friend to the Simple Gifts Community Garden, here in Apex, for so many years. Today happens to be Brooke’s last day at Lowe’s, so thinking of her made me a bit sad, but it also helped me consider the events that bring people into our lives. Whether we meet briefly, sharing only a smile to lighten a day’s burden, or connect in ways that unknowingly establish lifelong connections, our connections are more that coincidences.
Sitting with my tea (English Breakfast), I looked out at the garden, glowing golden in the early morning sun. I began to make mental notes about which plants I’d divide come Spring, to swap for other plants or seeds we’ll need at the community garden. Are the peonies ready for dividing, I wondered.

This led me to Tonya. Tonya Proctor is a gentle presence with the humility of few others. She wears many hats and does so with both grace and strength. Though Tonya will never boast, and smiles as she shoos away compliments, she is really something. She’s a mom, daughter, wife and friend to many. Tonya is a Master Gardener, photographer, communicator, creative spirit, talented decorator and great encourager.
These and other traits make Tonya a wonderful person to know and a friend I am grateful to have. They also happen to make her a wonderful part of Triangle Home Team Realty.
Next time you turn on a faucet, why not take a moment t
o give thanks for something or someone in your life. Allow yourself a drop of time, or let your thoughts drift down a lazy river of gratefulness and fond memory. Either way, I hope my frigid morning “faucet experience” leads you to give thanks in some way, large or small.


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On the first day of Christmas…

On the first day of Christmas,
Mike Proctor shared with me…
some pecans from the Salem Street tree.

This photo was taken just a few weeks ago, right behind the office.  Lucky for us both the little blue house Triangle Home Team Realty calls “home” and its grounds are adorable.  (We must have had a great realtor help us find this place. 🙂 )

Like many homes in historic downtown Apex, our property features some wonderful old trees that add plenty of character to a property.  Come summer, ours will offer a shady spot to sit and sip some sweet tea, or fresh made lemonade.

Can’t wait to see what Mike Proctor brings us on the second day of Christmas on Salem Street!

Merry Christmas
Triangle Home Team Realty!

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All Aboard!

“Miss Tim, Miss Tim, Santa was here! Santa was here!”

The thrill of Friday night’s tree lighting in Downtown Apex, North Carolina lit up the face of my 3 year old friend as she hurried up to give me the news.  In a year, Laura will articulate her “K” and “L” sounds; “wuv” will be “love” and I will, sadly, become “Kim”.  In a few years, Laura will be like her big sister, likely declaring herself too cool for Trick-o-Treating and too old to send her list to Santa.

Like many of you, I find time racing past and see the world changing at what appears to be a breakneck pace.  Yet, here in Apex, traditions hold strong. The ring of sleigh bells filled the air on Friday night.  Santa stood on Salem Street shouting greetings of the season. Bystanders cheered the warm wishes, which matched Friday’s warm temperatures.  Like many other years, a warm front brought as many folks out in shorts and t-shirts as ugly Christmas sweaters.  No matter next year’s weather, the Apex Police will secure the parade route and people will walk to Salem Street to watch the parade as they have done for over five decades.

If you missed the parade, or forgot to stop by the Little Blue House to get the yummy treats cooked up at Triangle Home Team Realty, don’t fret!  There is still plenty of Christmas cheer waiting for you in Downtown Apex.  This Saturday, Dec. 9, Halle Cultural Arts Center presents “A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol” & “The Great Big Holiday Bake Off”; two musicals in one.   At this writing, the 7:30 pm show is sold out, but tickets are still available for the 3 pm show.  In nearby New Hill, the Santa Train also has a very few seats remaining.

All aboard!

Kim Minafo

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First Sign of Christmas on Salem Street

Apex, North Carolina and the surrounding Triangle hold countless delights year-round, but Christmas is especially wonderful here. Sure, Santa will end the annual downtown Christmas Parade, but a stroll down Salem Street shows that holiday excitement has already begun.

Last week, the American flags proudly displayed on the telephone poles most of the year were replaced with Christmas wreaths.  I happened to be visiting Tonya at Triangle Home Team Realty when I noticed the wreaths were up.  Only a few moments later as I stopped at the traffic light the wreaths lit up. Such a small thing, really, and yet my breath caught. I felt grateful to live in this community and found myself thinking about my son’s first Apex Christmas parade. As a fifth grader in Baucom Elementary he had played football on a local Pop Warner team that marched along with other teams, scouts, dancers and the Apex High School band.  Seeing how happy those kids were to be part of the parade was a delight. I could not have been more thrilled if I had been at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

You’ll have to wait until December 2 for this year’s Christmas parade, but on Small Business Saturday, you can begin to conquer that Christmas list. Wander your way from one end of town to the other, making discoveries along the way, or map out your adventure. Be sure to leave time for lunch or dinner at one of the great downtown restaurants, such as the Salem Street Pub. Like many who call Apex home, owners Jenny and Jared Dukart are what folks affectionately call “transplants”, originally hailing from Hershey, PA.

Whether you’ve lived in Apex your entire life, have just bought a home here, or are visiting with friends and family, I hope you will open the many gifts Apex hold this holiday season.

Blessings to you!

-Kim Minafo