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On the first day of Christmas…

On the first day of Christmas,
Mike Proctor shared with me…
some pecans from the Salem Street tree.

This photo was taken just a few weeks ago, right behind the office.  Lucky for us both the little blue house Triangle Home Team Realty calls “home” and its grounds are adorable.  (We must have had a great realtor help us find this place. 🙂 )

Like many homes in historic downtown Apex, our property features some wonderful old trees that add plenty of character to a property.  Come summer, ours will offer a shady spot to sit and sip some sweet tea, or fresh made lemonade.

Can’t wait to see what Mike Proctor brings us on the second day of Christmas on Salem Street!

Merry Christmas
Triangle Home Team Realty!

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All Aboard!

“Miss Tim, Miss Tim, Santa was here! Santa was here!”

The thrill of Friday night’s tree lighting in Downtown Apex, North Carolina lit up the face of my 3 year old friend as she hurried up to give me the news.  In a year, Laura will articulate her “K” and “L” sounds; “wuv” will be “love” and I will, sadly, become “Kim”.  In a few years, Laura will be like her big sister, likely declaring herself too cool for Trick-o-Treating and too old to send her list to Santa.

Like many of you, I find time racing past and see the world changing at what appears to be a breakneck pace.  Yet, here in Apex, traditions hold strong. The ring of sleigh bells filled the air on Friday night.  Santa stood on Salem Street shouting greetings of the season. Bystanders cheered the warm wishes, which matched Friday’s warm temperatures.  Like many other years, a warm front brought as many folks out in shorts and t-shirts as ugly Christmas sweaters.  No matter next year’s weather, the Apex Police will secure the parade route and people will walk to Salem Street to watch the parade as they have done for over five decades.

If you missed the parade, or forgot to stop by the Little Blue House to get the yummy treats cooked up at Triangle Home Team Realty, don’t fret!  There is still plenty of Christmas cheer waiting for you in Downtown Apex.  This Saturday, Dec. 9, Halle Cultural Arts Center presents “A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol” & “The Great Big Holiday Bake Off”; two musicals in one.   At this writing, the 7:30 pm show is sold out, but tickets are still available for the 3 pm show.  In nearby New Hill, the Santa Train also has a very few seats remaining.

All aboard!

Kim Minafo

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First Sign of Christmas on Salem Street

Apex, North Carolina and the surrounding Triangle hold countless delights year-round, but Christmas is especially wonderful here. Sure, Santa will end the annual downtown Christmas Parade, but a stroll down Salem Street shows that holiday excitement has already begun.

Last week, the American flags proudly displayed on the telephone poles most of the year were replaced with Christmas wreaths.  I happened to be visiting Tonya at Triangle Home Team Realty when I noticed the wreaths were up.  Only a few moments later as I stopped at the traffic light the wreaths lit up. Such a small thing, really, and yet my breath caught. I felt grateful to live in this community and found myself thinking about my son’s first Apex Christmas parade. As a fifth grader in Baucom Elementary he had played football on a local Pop Warner team that marched along with other teams, scouts, dancers and the Apex High School band.  Seeing how happy those kids were to be part of the parade was a delight. I could not have been more thrilled if I had been at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

You’ll have to wait until December 2 for this year’s Christmas parade, but on Small Business Saturday, you can begin to conquer that Christmas list. Wander your way from one end of town to the other, making discoveries along the way, or map out your adventure. Be sure to leave time for lunch or dinner at one of the great downtown restaurants, such as the Salem Street Pub. Like many who call Apex home, owners Jenny and Jared Dukart are what folks affectionately call “transplants”, originally hailing from Hershey, PA.

Whether you’ve lived in Apex your entire life, have just bought a home here, or are visiting with friends and family, I hope you will open the many gifts Apex hold this holiday season.

Blessings to you!

-Kim Minafo

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5 Things to Sellers Should Know About Triangle Home Team Realty and Mike Proctor

5 Things to Sellers Should Know About Triangle Home Team Realty and Mike Proctor

  1. Mike Proctor and his team bring a low stress, family feeling to Apex Home sales. Step onto the porch of the little blue house at 207 S. Salem Street, and you’ll begin to feel the experience Mike has worked to create.
  2. Triangle Home Team Realty offers a flat fee listing as low as $999 that can save you thousands of dollars when you sell your home.
  3. Mike Proctor leverages the power of today’s technology to sell your home quickly and help you get the best price. From the moment to open your door to Michael (or another of his licensed real estate agents) to your experience at the closing table, you’ll feel the support of the Triangle Home Team Realty team.  You’ll pay a fair, flat fee and experience professionalism and care rarely seen in today’s real estate environment.
  4. Family matters here. Mike works together with his wife, Tonya who works to photograph and present your home in its very best light.  Technology offers buyers instant insight into the homes available in the Apex real estate market. Tonya makes sure a potential buyer’s first look opens their eyes to the possibility of a new future at your address.
  5. Mike makes wonderful vegetable soup! Stop by to see what’s on the stove today and learn more about Mike Proctor and his team.
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The Pulse of the Triangle

Live from the Peak of Good Living Apex, NC

As winter is starting to enter our rear view mirror, the real estate season is starting to heat up. Inventories are at all-time lows making this upcoming spring a great time to sell your home. Typically market activity makes a strong push this time of year. In all my years of experience I have never seen such a lack of homes available for purchase. This shortage of active listings makes RIGHT NOW a great time to list your home. Even if you would like to wait, pick up the phone and contact our team to get things started. This will give you advantage on preparing your home for sell. Don’t sit on the bench, get in the game!!

Mike Proctor

Triangle Home Team Realty