When a buyer enters into a Buyer’s Agency agreement with a Real Estate Firm, they sign a written agreement in which the Realtor (working for the Firm) agrees to represent the buyer in the purchase of real estate. This service is no charge to the buyer as it is paid from the seller’s commission at closing. Without a Buyer’s Agency agreement in place, the buyer has no representation as the seller’s agent has a fiduciary responsibility to his client, the seller. As the “Buyer’s Agent,” a REALTOR® is able to fully represent a Buyer and may provide substantial advice and assistance to the Buyer far beyond that which a “Subagent” can provide. With Buyer Agency, there is no confusion about who represents the Buyer; your Agent has a fiduciary relationship with you and must act in your best interest.

Mike Proctor understands the loyalty a Buyer deserves. Whether you’d like to be the first to live in a new construction in Wake County, or seek a cozy historic home in downtown Apex, he and the team at Triangle Home Team Realty offer the support you’re looking for.


Your Home Team Buying Schedule

  • Meet with a Loan Officer to get pre-approval
  • Set your new home budget
  • Look at prospective properties with your Agent
  • Identify your new home
  • Make an offer to purchase with your Agent
  • Offer to purchase is accepted and all parties have signed
  • Provide Due Diligence and Earnest Money checks to your agent to deliver
  • Apply for your mortgage
  • Schedule a home inspection
  • Select an attorney.
  • Identify and reserve your moving company
  • Home inspection is delivered and reviewed
  • Request for Repairs form is signed and submitted to Selling Agent
  • Final Loan docs are provided to the lender
  • Appraisal is ordered and completed
  • Loan file is submitted for underwriting review and returned as approved, rejected, or additional information required.
  • If loan is approved, sales associates, sellers, and buyers are notified.
  • Select insurance provider
  • Attend the closing, sign all documents, and receive the keys.
  • Move into your new home

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It’s that simple. Our goal is to save you thousands of dollars during this exciting, yet stressful, time of transition.

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