After 12 years of real estate experience, Mike Proctor had a vision of how the modern day real estate market should look. With technological advances over the past decade, listing a home for sale should be more affordable. Triangle Home Team Realty was formed on a simple principle of affordability and ease of sale. Using a typical realty firm, a home owner could pay a 6% listing fee. Most of the Triangle splits that as 2.4% to the buyer’s agent and 3.6% to the listing agent. On a $300,000 listing that same home owner would pay $10,800 to the listing firm! Mike felt homeowner’s were spending thousands for the same service he could provide at a much lower rate, $999. The transaction would still have a buyer’s agent commission (2.4%) but on that same sale, the homeowner would save $9,801. Think about that…

How can Mike do it at that rate?

  • Mike has no commission split- Agents typically share their commsion. The typical agent, while doing all the work, gives 30 – 40% of their commission to their employer, a GIANT real estate firm.
  • Mike has the freedom to list a home for a discount fee. The GIANT real estate firms control the listing fees of their agents. Most have a floor, usually 5%. At Triangle Home Team Realty, there is just one low fee, $999.
  • Mike has advantages other agents/firms don’t have. Agents routinely use other professional services to help list a home. As a Certified Appraiser, Mike does not have to pay someone to measure a house. His wife Tonya doubles as a staging specialist and photographer.

Give yourself the true Home Team Advantage and save thousands in the process!

Home of the $999 Listing!

It’s that simple. Our goal is to save you thousands of dollars during this exciting, yet stressful, time of transition.

That’s the Home Team Advantage!

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