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3 Dont’s and a Do

From embarrassing to law breaking – Here are 3 no-no’s from “back in the day”
1. Don’t cheer for the Yankees while standing on a sidewalk in Brooklyn during the 1955 World Series

Reason: In the 1955 World Series, the Brooklyn Dodgers played the Yankees, their cross-town rivals. The Bronx Bombers fell to the Dodgers, who won their first and only World Series while playing in Brooklyn

2. Never be caught dancing in Michigan in 1940 as the National Anthem is played.

Reason: According to author Harvey Silvergate and official documents from the state of Michigan, dancing during the playing of the National Anthem would have been a misdemeanor in 1940. Technically, it remained so until the law’s repeal on March 14, 2016.

3. Do not be heard saying, “I don’t really like pizza,” in the hugely popular pizzeria of predominantly Italian neighborhood in New York in 1979.

Reason: I was hanging out with a group of friends at Pizza Town, in my hometown. After about 15 orders of “plain” or “pepperoni”, which were the only two choices available back in the day, the man behind the counter asked what kind of pizza I liked. I kindly explained that I didn’t really like pizza and asked what else I might order.

Like a needle screeching across a record, the music of many voices suddenly stopped. I felt like the stares of the world fell on me as my face reddened. Louis loudly announced that not liking pizza was un-American. Clearly, I was scarred for life.

I am pleased to report that the while I am not a conventional “plain or pepperoni” pizza lover, the advent of “supreme” pizzas with yummy toppings like Chicken Bacon Ranch, Spinach and Barbeque have helped change my tune. In fact, I might just find a spot on Salem Street and practice those parallel parking skills because today is National Pizza Day and I might head to Anna’s, where my husband found a connection.

Several years ago, a new pizzeria opened on Salem Street. The town was abuzz as the building was painted and the interior made ready. On opening weekend, with a mouth full of fried zeppoli (yum!), my husband tugs my arm and wants to introduce me to someone. That someone was the owner of Anna’s, Yuri. It seemed Matt had recognized the man because he owned the shop Matt often ate lunch in, back in NY, ten years before!

And so, friends, today is a great day to:

1. Enjoy a slice of pizza today, on National Pizza Day.

The plain or pepperoni, only, of 1979?!? My goodness, that’s akin to walking both ways uphill to school in a foot of snow with no boots!

Lucky for today’s teens, there are all sorts of types, from Meat Lovers to Vegan. From semolina flour dough to gluten free. Whether you’re in your teens or your “never-mind” years, it’s a great for a slice or two. But be warned, many find it hard to walk through town without running into an old friend, or making a new one. Apex is like that.


Kim Minafo