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3 Things Pooh Learns From A Blustery Day

Today’s weather allows me to use one of my favorite words, for it’s a blustery day. When I hear the word, I can almost hear Sterling Halloway’s voice narrate the story of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.

Now, Pooh’s blustery day happens on a Wednesday and this happens to be a Tuesday, but it’s a fun little story for any day. If you’re not familiar with the tale, it follows the adventures of Pooh as he blows from one adventure to the next. As a blustery day turns into a blustery night that leads into a stormy day, Pooh learns several things.

1. Tiggers are wonderful, bouncy things that are not fond of honey. In fact, they downright dislike the “icky sticky stuff.” This means there is no risk of Tigger eating all the honey sticks you buy on National Honey Day at the State Farmer’s Market.

2. Eeyore would never make a good Apex realtor because he cuts some corners between “I’ll find you a new home,” and “Here you are, move in.” He skips the offers, the contracts, the inspection, and the closing! Eeyore sends Owl right into his new home, even though the previous owner had not yet moved out! (Poor precious, patient Piglet!)

3. Tigger might be the first to introduce would later become text-talk when he bids Pooh farewell by saying TTFN to Pooh.

And that, friends, is my cue…

Ta-ta for now,