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All Aboard..

“Miss Tim, Miss Tim, Santa was here! Santa was here!”

The thrill of Friday night’s tree lighting in Downtown Apex, North Carolina lit up the face of my 3 year old friend as she hurried up to give me the news. In a year, Laura will articulate her “K” and “L” sounds; “wuv” will be “love” and I will, sadly, become “Kim”. In a few years, Laura will be like her big sister, likely declaring herself too cool for Trick-o-Treating and too old to send her list to Santa.

Like many of you, I find time racing past and see the world changing at what appears to be a breakneck pace. Yet, here in Apex, traditions hold strong. The ring of sleigh bells filled the air on Friday night. Santa stood on Salem Street shouting greetings of the season. Bystanders cheered the warm wishes, which matched Friday’s warm temperatures. Like many other years, a warm front brought as many folks out in shorts and t-shirts as ugly Christmas sweaters. No matter next year’s weather, the Apex Police will secure the parade route and people will walk to Salem Street to watch the parade as they have done for over five decades.

If you missed the parade, or forgot to stop by the Little Blue House to get the yummy treats cooked up at Triangle Home Team Realty, don’t fret! There is still plenty of Christmas cheer waiting for you in Downtown Apex. This Saturday, Dec. 9, Halle Cultural Arts Center presents “A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol” & “The Great Big Holiday Bake Off”; two musicals in one. At this writing, the 7:30 pm show is sold out, but tickets are still available for the 3 pm show. In nearby New Hill, the Santa Train also has a very few seats remaining.

All aboard!


Kim Minafo