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Crossed In The Mail

Yesterday morning, a friend forwarded something to my “in” box that at made me laugh.

Of course, the humor (or lack thereof) surely depends on the perspective. I doubt, for example, I would have found the ad amusing had I been the realtor who had placed it. It’s equally unlikely that the copy editor responsible for proofreading prior to press was tickled.

By afternoon, I was grateful my mailman did not have CCTV on the truck, or he would have had something funny to forward to his friends. This so-glad-it-wasn’t-filmed video would have featured me, at curbside, being handed my mail. As I look down at what I’ve been given, the camera closes in on a clearly delighted face. I tap on the top piece of mail as my eyebrows rise. My eyes light up and my mouth forms a little “o”. Then, without warning, I reach up and tap the mailman’s arm (perhaps a wee bit too enthusiastically) and say, “Look! These are my friends!”

My mailman indulgently nods, though he has a somewhat bewildered look on his face as he quickly pulls away from the curb.

When the camera pans down, it appears I pointed to a group of chairs featured in a furniture store ad as I told the mailman to look at my “friends.”

I am glad the scene isn’t trending on some Facebook foolery page, but I am sorry the mailman didn’t know the card I really was referring to had fallen to the ground.

These are my friends, Tonya and Mike Proctor. It was so fun to receive this mailing and realize how proud I am of Mike and Tonya, as well as their Home Team Realty Team.