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Drops Of Gratitude

Sometimes a drop of gratitude can lead to a stream or even to a deep, wide sea. Such was the story at my house this morning.

I woke an hour before the alarm and despite the best efforts of some wonderfully cooperative sheep, I could not fall back asleep. Certain my toes would fall off in the face of the frigid morning (22 degrees!), I grumbled my way downstairs to the kitchen. With kettle in place, I “tapped” on the faucet and found myself suddenly grateful. I was first thankful for the faucet itself, which turns on with a touch. This led to my being thankful my husband who installed this for me. Last year, a gift from my friend Kelly allowed us to replace our leaky faucet; I smiled at the thought of her. Picturing the sale cart at Lowe’s on which we found the faucet let my mind wander through the electric door that separates the kitchen department from the garden, where I imagined Brooke in her red apron, watering flowers (pansies?).

This led me to give thanks for Brooke, a gal that has been a friend to the Simple Gifts Community Garden, here in Apex, for so many years. Today happens to be Brooke’s last day at Lowe’s, so thinking of her made me a bit sad, but it also helped me consider the events that bring people into our lives. Whether we meet briefly, sharing only a smile to lighten a day’s burden, or connect in ways that unknowingly establish lifelong connections, our connections are more that coincidences.

Sitting with my tea (English Breakfast), I looked out at the garden, glowing golden in the early morning sun. I began to make mental notes about which plants I’d divide come Spring, to swap for other plants or seeds we’ll need at the community garden. Are the peonies ready for dividing, I wondered.

This led me to Tonya. Tonya Proctor is a gentle presence with the humility of few others. She wears many hats and does so with both grace and strength. Though Tonya will never boast, and smiles as she shoos away compliments, she is really something. She’s a mom, daughter, wife and friend to many. Tonya is a Master Gardener, photographer, communicator, creative spirit, talented decorator and great encourager.
These and other traits make Tonya a wonderful person to know and a friend I am grateful to have. They also happen to make her a wonderful part of Triangle Home Team Realty.

Next time you turn on a faucet, why not take a moment to give thanks for something or someone in your life. Allow yourself a drop of time, or let your thoughts drift down a lazy river of gratefulness and fond memory. Either way, I hope my frigid morning “faucet experience” leads you to give thanks in some way, large or small.